Photo: eamonncurry123 licensed under Creative Commons

St Ives Town Council is set to oppose the rollout of 5G data connections and look to find out more about possible harmful effects from the signals.

The opposition is a precautionary measure until there is “sound scientific information with regard to the health impact on humans and wildlife”.

The council’s community and environment committee chair, Tamsyn Williams, said she had been opposed by a member of the public who was had expressed their concerns.

These were backed up by campaigner and former telecoms worker, Sarah Foster, a member of villagers against masts, who addressed the committee this week.

Pointing to a lack of scientific research and data, she said: “No-one knows if 5G is safe. Because it’s an invisible polluter, we do nothing.”

Cllr Williams said: “We have a social responsibility to safeguard the public. I’m proposing that we oppose the rollout of 5G until we have more information.”

The council will write to Cornwall Council, seeking more information, and also approach Glastonbury Council, which has already opposed 5G rollout and which has undertaken more research into the effect of the electro-magnetic frequencies.

There were concerns from mayor, Tony Harris, that the debate was unbalanced without sufficient data on 5G, while Tim Andrewes felt there were more substantial risks out there than 5G signals.