Samhain is the next chapter in an ongoing series of Anima Mundi online mixed exhibitions responding to the rhythm of the seasons, also known as ‘the wheel of the year’. 

David Kim Whittaker Sisters

In many traditions, time is considered to be cyclical rather than a straight line. Perceived as a perpetual cycle of growth and retreat, tied to the sun’s annual death and rebirth.

This cycle is also viewed as a micro- and macrocosm of broader life cycles in an immeasurable series of rotations composing the universe. The days that fall on the landmarks of the yearly cycle traditionally mark the beginnings and middle-points of the four seasons.

The exhibition can be viewed here. To request a list of available works and prices, click here.

The artists

  • Massimo Angei
  • Simon Averill
  • Paul Benney
  • Gabrielle K Brown
  • Peter Burns
  • Jim Carter
  • Mat Chivers
  • Kate Clark
  • David Cooper
  • Judith Nangala Crispin
  • James Crowther
  • Claire Curneen
  • Laurence Edwards
  • Roy Eastland
  • Tessa Farmer
  • Luke Frost
  • Miles Cleveland Goodwin
  • Luke Hannam
  • Rebecca Harper
  • Youki Hirakawa
  • Simon Hitchens
  • Henry Hussey
  • Sax Impey
  • Arthur Lanyon
  • Andrew Litten
  • Michael McGrath
  • Antony Mikaleff
  • Jamie Mills
  • Barbara Neil
  • Richard Nott
  • Simone Pellegrini
  • David Quinn
  • Jonathan Michael Ray
  • John Robinson
  • Tim Shaw
  • Katie Sims
  • Julia Soboleva
  • Lisa Stokes
  • Roger Thorp
  • David Kim Whittaker
  • Evelyn Williams
  • Joy Wolfenden Brown
  • Carlos Zapata