To someone like me, working my way through Michael Bird’s book, the St Ives Artists, this exhibition — shifted online out of necessity — is a welcome gift that brings the author’s words very much to life.

Granted, the window on the world that is my Lenovo laptop doesn’t quite match the experience of moving around the gallery’s Fore Street space. But to click on the perfectly-framed images to is shine some revealing light into what can be a dark and claustrophobic isolation experience.

Visit the gallery’s website here to see the works in the exhibition. You’ll find pieces from the likes of Terry Frost, Patrick Heron, Roger Hilton, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, and Bernard Leach. Linger, and you’ll be diverted to less familiar names, and before you know it you’re broadening your horizons and a lot of time has passed.

Alice Mumford Studio

In a separate video, one of Belgrave regular exhibitors, Alice Mumford, shows us around her studio, talking about works which would have otherwise made their way to the gallery. There’s a chance to see a lot of her new work, as well as a couple of cutaways to older pieces. The video’s at