A public consultation is under way over proposals for new parking tariffs in Cornwall Council car parks. The proposals seek to reduce the number of different tariffs across Cornwall’s 135 pay and display and pay-on-foot car parks. 

car park

Instead, car parks will be grouped into one of three ‘zones’, Zone A being the busiest areas, which are well served by public transport and walking and cycle routes. 

Regular car park users will continue to benefit from reduced ‘multi-use’ tickets through the Just Park app, however, and blue badge holders with adapted vehicles, or vehicles exempt from car tax, will continue to be able to park for free. 

Significant investment has gone into improving transport infrastructure in Cornwall to help give residents choices about how they travel, particularly over shorter distances.

The bus fares pilot and recently introduced £2 cap on single journeys has significantly cut the cost of bus travel, while walking and cycle routes have also created better links between town centres and residential areas, says the council.

“There are those that argue that parking should be free,” said Connor Donnithorne, Cornwall Council cabinet portfolio holder for transport.

“The council still has to maintain car parks, and income from car park charges supports the council’s wider transport service, so without that income, we’d need to find other ways to generate that money.

“There is also the consideration that having unlimited free car parks is not always good for high streets, as commuters or people working nearby may park there all day, meaning there is no turnover of spaces, and shoppers who are determined to travel by car can’t find a space.

“We appreciate that it’s a balancing act and we’re not going to please everyone.”

• The consultation runs until 23rd March. Take part here.