Cornwall Council is rolling out the next phase of an initiative to reduce carbon emissions, cut light pollution, and encourage nocturnal wildlife.

Carbis Bay streetlamp

Turning off some streetlights when most residents are asleep — between the hours of midnight and 5am — will also protect designated Dark Skies area and save money on energy costs.

Among the next areas where the initiative will take place is Carbis Bay.

Streetlights will remain on, or be dimmed between midnight and 5am to reduce light pollution, in locations such as  :

  • Traffic signal junctions, pedestrian crossings, subways, some roundabouts and junctions;   
  • Parts of town centres and footpaths that are still relatively busy during the night;
  • On certain roads where there is traffic calming and speed humps;
  • Areas where there is CCTV or police surveillance equipment; and
  • Entrances and exits to hospitals, police, ambulance, and fire stations .

“I want to reassure residents that safety is at the forefront in any decision about switching off streetlights,” said council’s portfolio holder for transport, Richard Williams-Pears.

“Before we embarked on this initiative, we consulted with the Safer Cornwall Partnership, who continue to monitor the situation carefully and feedback any concerns. 

“We won’t be compromising on safety as where risk assessments have shown that streetlights are still beneficial, they will be kept on, or will be dimmed once new LED bulbs are fitted.”