St Ives Community Food is making sure that food which would otherwise be wasted is going to local families who can make use of it.

The project is organised by the St Ives Community Orchard team and makes use of food donated by the Co-Op, which has three shops in town.

Free sell-by date food, which is too good to go in the bun, can be collected at the Palemon Best Recreation Park on Tuesdays, at 12.30pm, and Fridays, at 5.30pm, and from St Ives Rugby Club, on Thursdays, at noon, and Saturdays, at 8pm.

Its not just unwanted supermarket food, though. This week, June, of Ruby June’s Indian Kitchen, donated curry and fish pie. “We know [people] are really grateful, and so are we,” say the Community Food team on their Facebook page.