Cornish hedgers are being asked to complete a short online survey which will help determine whether the ancient skill should be classified as an endangered craft.

Cornish hedge

The Guild of Cornish Hedgers, working with the Heritage Crafts Association (HCA, the advocacy body for traditional heritage crafts) and supported by Cornwall Council’s Strategic Historic Environment Service, are asking all hedgers in Cornwall to complete the survey.

The information collected will help determine whether the craft should be added to the HCA Red List of Endangered Crafts and will act as supporting evidence for funding bids for future training and support of this ancient Cornish craft.

Cornish hedges create the distinctive character and framework of the Cornish landscape. Placed end to end, they would stretch for about 30,000 miles.

These iconic hedges preserve field patterns that in some places are thousands of years old and provide vital habitats, wildlife corridors, shelter, shade and sustenance and can help alleviate water and soil run-off.