Residents are being asked to help shape plans to decarbonise the region’s energy systems in order to help reach net zero and work towards energy security.

net zero

Cornwall Council and Council of the Isles of Scilly have launched a Local Area Energy Plan (LAEP) project. This will be developed with residents and businesses across the region, and will look at how energy is used, supplied, and managed.

It will identify and recommend required changes to local energy systems for heating, electricity, gas, and transport, and play a major role in helping the region become carbon neutral. 

As well as examining the type of technologies and fuels needed, the LAEP will propose alterations and additions to existing energy infrastructure, and make recommendations to help secure affordable energy supplies for the future. 

Residents, businesses, and other energy users will have the chance to play a role in developing the project through a range of engagement activities, including the setting up of a panel made up of a representative sample of 50 Cornwall and Scilly residents.  

The panel will meet to debate and recommend solutions for decarbonising the region’s energy systems and ensure the LAEP suits residents’ future energy needs.  

There will also be community roadshows and youth-focused engagement sessions, as well as a variety of events designed for the region’s businesses that will allow attendees to learn more, ask questions, and understand how they can get involved. 

In the meantime a survey has been published today to hear residents’ views on energy in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The survey can be completed here.

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