As the world leaders meet in Carbis Bay for the G7 Summit, an ‘open door’ G7 Fringe event is to be staged.

The event will see people from across the globe collaborating to tackle the big questions and find real, workable, pragmatic solutions to world issues.

Led by Crowdfunder and Real Ideas — the team behind CSpace, the £2million multi-use co-working space in Newquay, and sponsored by Cornwall Trade & Investment — the G7 Fringe is brought together by the People’s Assembly.    

Taking place from 11th-13th June, both in-person for those who can attend, and online via Zoom for a global audience, the G7 Fringe is a series of emotive talks, panels and discussions. 

It promises to both ask the vital questions that the G7 Summit won’t and to come up with seven practical actions that people all over the world can take every day, to make a positive difference around the globe.

Featuring community leaders, quirky entrepreneurs, global leaders, creatives, activists, and experienced leaders, who are leading and attending sessions, the G7 Fringe will make all the talk about ‘building back better’ much more than hot air.

The series of discussions and workshops will cover how people as individuals, communities, businesses and nations, can make radical changes, big and small, to make the world a fairer, greener place.

Lindsey Hall, founder and chief executive of Real Ideas, is leading the G7 Fringe and said: “It is no longer possible for individual organisations to try and solve the world’s biggest challenges alone; the Covid-19 pandemic, world-wide vaccinations, climate change, ocean conservation or equity for all people.

“Governments, charities, brands, social media platforms, foundations and, of course, the crowd, which is all of us as the public, have to come together to make change happen faster.

“Rather than a meeting of the few in one location, there is a seat for everyone at our G7 Fringe ‘table’. We have assembled a unique collection of people to bring these ever-pressing issues to that table, and to make our collective call to the world to come together like never before. 

“Together, we commit to defining seven positive and pragmatic actions that every person can make and take in their daily lives as a result of the G7 Fringe discussions and debates. Post the Fringe, we will be sharing these widely, including with the G7 and D10 leaders. Together we can create a really positive legacy for the 2021 G7 Summit.”

What’s in the programme?

Attendees and speakers include Ali Tabritzi, the director of Seaspiracy, the groundbreaking Netflix Original documentary which seeks to expose the fishing industry’s impact on the world’s oceans and challenge notions challenge notions of sustainable fishing. Ali will talk about the making of the film on Friday, 11th June, and will also introduce a number of local Cornish films exploring the effects of climate change. 

Also on Friday, the subject of ‘green finance’ will be introduced by Bevis Watts, chief executive of Tridos Bank, who will also present the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) film Too Big to Fail. On the same day, Big Society Capital will be exploring new opportunities for purpose-driven businesses to find the investment they need to flourish.

And a collaboration between recent UK expansion Google marketing company Marwick Marketing and its Canadian partners will discuss and explore innovative approaches to supporting people to start businesses that work for them with input from the South West Community Bank.

World Trails Network, a global non-profit association, will bring its powerfully engaged international network of organisations and individuals to the table on Saturday, 12th June, to discuss the vital role trails play in nature recovery, sustainable development and the future of active travel.

Other organisations including UNICEF, the National Emergencies Trust, Mother London, The Gates Foundation, Virgin, Facebook, You Tube, Instagram and the Black Global Trust are also all attending or contributing to the event. 

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