There was a big attendance for today’s kite-making workshop at St Ives Library, ahead of Kite Fest, which will be staged on The Island next Saturday.

Billy Wynter kite making
Billy Wynter, The Kite Doctor, with a mostly attentive audience as he talks youngsters through making their own kites

Billy Wynter, AKA The Kite Doctor, talked youngsters through the process of starting with a frame, adding robust brown paper, then, of course, some brightly-coloured designs.

The weather outside — sunny and blustery — will be perfect for next weekend, and apparantly the forecast is looking good.

“I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like flying or watching kites dance in the sky!” said cultural services manager, Emma Gibson.

“The use of recycled and sustainable materials is key to our approach of kite making. We have our fingers crossed for fine flying weather, and will be holding our breath to see if we can get our kites up in the air!”

On Kite Fest day, all are welcome to come along and get their creations into the sky, whether they are self-made or not.

Kite Fest Flight Day kicks off at 1pm next Saturday (30th March). You can see a video of last year’s fest here.