Another busy week for St Ives’ lifeboat volunteers has seen the number of callouts for the year surpass last year’s figure of 42.

Last Wednesday, the volunteer crew were taking part in their regular training session when Falmouth Coastguard requested the all-weather lifeboat respond to reports of a 14-metre sailing vessel in trouble, six miles West of St Ives in the Gurnards Head area.

Lifeboat crew 28092019

It was relayed that there were two people on board, and the vessel’s engine was failing, with the sail stuck halfway up the mast. Deputy second coxswain, Robin Langford, made his way to the scene with volunteer crew Nick Phillips, Jake Martin, Neil Brooks, Clare Goode, Sue Antcliff, and Mike Laity.

Upon arrival, they quickly set about organising a tow for the vessel, eventually getting it back to St Ives Bay.

On Friday, Falmouth Coastguard again requested assistance, this time following reports of a single-handed yachtsman in St Ives Bay with engine issues, struggling to get his anchor up due to weather conditions. Volunteer helm Nick Phillips launched the inshore lifeboat with crew Jack Coop, Jack Hill, and Sue Antcliff.

The crew quickly arrived on scene, with Jack Coop boarding the vessel and assisting in retrieving the anchor. The crew then proceeded to attach a tow and bring the casualty vessel back onto their own anchor into more sheltered areas.

Then, on Sunday, Falmouth Coastguard requested assistance after reports that the engine of an eight-foot inflatable yacht tender had failed en route to its yacht in St Ives Bay.

The inshore lifeboat was launched and, on arrival, the crew organised a tow and made their way back to St Ives station.

Photograph: RNLI/Nick Phillips