The James Stevens No 10 in the water prior to restoration. Photograph: John Chard

Shipwreck researcher and maritime antique specialist Robin Langford is appealing information about the men who crewed the St Ives lifeboat James Stevens No 10.

Robin, who is the present day mechanic and second coxswain for St Ives RNLI, is leading a restoration project to get the vessel back in the water. But as he continues restoration, he is becoming more fascinated by the men who took to the waters in James Stevens No 10, putting their lives at risk regularly.

He doesn’t just want to know about the coxwains who commanded the boat, but the men who manned the oars — no engines when the vessel was in service, from 1900 to 1933 — during fierce gales and in mountainous seas.

“Any information would be appreciated,” says Robin, who can be contacted via Facebook.

To find out more about about his restoration project, read this story from St Ives Local earlier this year.