Members of St Ives Lifeboat crew came to the aid of a vessel 15 miles north of the port that was taking on water.

The 50ft passenger vessel had two people on board. The All-Weather Lifeboat had been tasked to deal with the call. Two crew members and a salvage pump were eventually able to be passed over to the casualty vessel, after a number of attempts.

“The crew members assessed the situation, and it became apparent that no pumps were working and the water ingress was becoming alarming,” said the crew on social media.

“Both crew members got to work and managed to get the pumps working, and they stemmed the flow of water by using an old lifejacket on the vessel to cork up the holes between the planks of the casualty vessel.”

The vessel was eventually escorted to Newlyn, with the St Ives crew working with the Penlee lifeboat team.

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