St Ives’ all-weather and inshore lifeboat crews had an early shout today, rushing to the aid of a kayaker who had capsized.

RNLI Inshore
The inshore lifeboat returns to the boathouse. Photographs: Russell Bush/RNLI

George Deacon as senior helm on the inshore and Robert Cocking as coxswain on the all-weather lifeboat, along with volunteer crew, quickly made their way to Top Cove, Godrevy.

Upon arrival at the scene, the casualty had safely made his way to shore with the help of a surfer. The crew assessed the casualty, who was in a little bit of shock but otherwise okay.

Both lifeboats returned to the boathouse to be made ready for service.

St Ives lifeboat crew
Lifeboat crew back from the shout