Molly Hocking

What a year it’s been for St Ives girl Molly Hocking, winner of ITV talent show The Voice. It’s been a whirlwind experience for the former Kidz R Us actor and singer, whose family are well known in St Ives. We caught up with the busy performer as she returned home for a while …

It’s been seven months since you won The Voice. What have you been up to?
Since winning The Voice, I got management with Intertalent Group and spent three months co-writing original songs with various songwriters and producers, to try and get a really good first track to release as my single. I also did some special appearances, including presenting a British Soap award, performing at Hyde Park, and also some intimate gigs at home to keep me grounded.

When can we expect an album or single from you?
My first track should be released with my record label Polydor very soon — it will be a single. Please download it! Then they may let me record another!

At what age did you start singing and acting?
I started singing when I was five — I played Mary in my school nativity and just loved the response I got, so knew I wanted to sing to lots of people one day. I started acting at eight.

How has your time with Kidz R Us helped with your career?
I spent ten years at Kidz R Us — they were some of the happiest and most challenging times of my life, but the performance and singing skills I learnt there undoubtedly prepared me for The Voice. It’s a fantastic voluntary theatre group and it will always be a special place for me to go back to.

Which singers have influenced you?
The singer who has most influenced me is Eva Cassidy — she wasn’t in it for the fame, which I admire.

Who would you most like to record a song with?
Gary Barlow

What will you be doing this Christmas and New Year?
This Christmas and New Year I will be away from home. I am a special guest on Britannia, and will performing six shows on their Caribbean cruise. I fly out with my pianist in December, but am going to have a holiday in Antigua with my boyfriend at the same time. I can’t wait! I feel lucky that I can juggle my work with some amazing experiences, too.

You’re back at home in St Ives with friends for a night out. Where are you heading?
When I’m home, I head anywhere for a night out, but particularly like The Balcony Bar — the staff are great and had a big screen up when I won The Voice! Love them!