Rebecca Polyblank, who lives on Bodmin Moor,  is inspired by the wild beauty and abundant nature of the surrounding landscape. This autumn, she brings her work to the New Craftsman Gallery, in St Ives.

Rebecca Polyblank Evening Glow
Evening Glow, by Rebecca Polyblank

The ancient trees, hedges, and old stone barns around her remote farmstead, with its views of the hills and river, are a rich source of flowers and wildlife for her illustrative paintings and papier mâché sculptures of deer, owls, and other moorland creatures.

In particular, rural England’s fabled hares and black rabbits are a recurring theme in this collection, alongside Bodmin Moor’s beloved wild ponies and iconic songbirds.

This beautiful, seasonal exhibition continues Rebecca’s commitment to telling the story of one of our most precious natural landscapes, through detailed observation and a carefully crafted patina that reflects the great age and timelessness of the moor.

The exhibition at the New Craftsman Gallery runs from 14th October to 10th November.

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