Paintings by talented young artist Sarah Woods, inspired by the Cornish coast, go on display at the New Craftsman Gallery, St Ives, on Saturday, 29th June.

Sarah Woods Cornwall studio
Work in progress at Sarah Woods’ Cornwall studio

Sarah captures the soft colours of Cornwall’s ocean and coastal landscape, with a focus on simplicity of colour and mark. She works with the natural qualities of her canvas, using single brush strokes inspired by the balance and harmony of the coastline.

These new works have been created throughout the spring and early summer of thisyear in response to the beautiful landscape between St Ives and the Zennor. They include large-scale paintings and a series of smaller landscape studies in Sarah’s distinctly tranquil palette.

Each painting is framed in unfinished oak, bringing focus to the natural simplicity of process and materials.

Alongside Sarah’s art will be ceramics from Maria Kristofersson, who lives and works in Gothenburg, and who has exhibited in solo exhibitions in Sweden, Norway, and Japan.

Her ceramic objects are made by way of a direct and intuitive process, allowing her to find expression, character, and the sense of a story in each piece as it evolves.

Function is rarely a factor in her work, meaning that glazes are not needed, though occasionally she is inspired to create interesting contrasts of gloss and matte surface.

This new collection is based on bottle forms in an earth toned palette of colours.

Sarah and Maria’s work is on show from 29th June until 28th July.

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