The public can now report crimes and incidents to the police and find out how to access support for victims by using a smartphone app.

DC Police G7

The Police.UK app also gives crime prevention advice, information on local police contacts, and an opportunity to compare crime rates in different parts of the country.

It offers a quick and easy way of reporting non-urgent incidents, finding crime prevention advice, information about local neighbourhood policing teams, listing who is on the team, local crime priorities, and any upcoming meetings in the community.

“Being able to report something digitally, via the app, puts the victim or witness in control and avoids the need to talk, in person, to someone they have never spoken to before,” said assistant chief constable of Devon and Cornwall Police, Nikki Leaper.

“Police.UK does not replace other ways of reporting incidents, though. It just provides an additional way to get in touch.  

“If it is an emergency, the public should always call 999, and the option to call 101 for routine issues still exists.”

The app is available via the iOS App store and Google Play.