Artist Ian Harrold talks about his work at Porthminster Gallery last September

With its proximity to incoming high tides, Porthminster Gallery is, necessarily, built of stern stuff, and it’s not going to let a virus get the better of its first major show of 2020.

The exhibition is titled Renewal, always appropriate at the this time of year, but layered with extra meaning as we wait for the re-appearance of St Ives as the vibrant and bustling town we know and love.

Via the internet, it’s possible to experience the next best thing to wandering around the light, airy, seaside space, with a show featuring new work by Ian Harrold, Joanne Last, Clare Conrad, Geoffrey Swindell, Patrick Haughton, John Pollex, and Sarah Perry.

A major draw for me is new work from Ian Harrold, a former jewellery maker and TV designer, whose oil prints bring St Ives’ colour palette vividly to life. (He gave a talk at the gallery last September, detailed here.)

The exhibition is available here and is easy to navigate. It’s pleasing to see that there have been a good number of sales already!