St Ives Town Council is hosting a Q&A event in the Cornerstone Library building on 22nd April which will give locals a chance to question a variety of organisations.

Johnnie Wells
Mayor Johnnie Wells announces the Q&A event in a town council video

As well as St Ives mayor Johnnie Wells and his fellow town councillors, there will also be a chance to quiz representatives of Cornwall Council, the NHS, St Ives BID, bus companies,

“We want to get your questions about what’s happening in the town,” said the mayor. “It’s a little informal gathering that we want to invite you down to so you can ask questions.

“If you can’t get there but you have a question that you want answered, please let us know at the town council by emailing or giving us a call.”

The event, which gets under way at 6pm, will be live streamed on Facebook.