The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Leadership Board has endorsed a plan that sets out a shared vision for Cornwall’s recovery and renewal. The plan is entitled Gyllyn Warbarth, Together We Can: The Cornwall Plan.

St Ives Bay

The board brings together elected leaders, including the police and crime commissioner, Cornwall’s MPs, the leaders of Cornwall Council and the Council of the Isles of Scilly, and the Association of Cornwall’s 213 local town and parish councils. Also involved are leaders from the local business, health and care, and environmental sectors.

The plan was developed after Cornwall Council carried out a listening exercise, The Cornwall We Want. Thousands of people got involved to have their say about the Cornwall they wanted to see in 2050.

More than 25,000 people visited an online platform, and over 4,000 contributed to the campaign by taking a survey, participating in live events and focus groups, or by sending written contributions.

A fairer, more inclusive Cornwall

Cornwall Council leader, and chair of the board, Julian German, said: “People told us that sustainable living is more important to people than ever before, with calls to grow nature for a cleaner, greener, carbon neutral Cornwall; and to give everyone an equal chance of a good life in a fairer, more inclusive Cornwall.

“Getting the endorsement of the Leadership Board was the last step in getting the agreement of partners across Cornwall that this is what we all wanted to see for Cornwall’s future. We will now all work together to achieve its aims.”

The plan is organised around six goals for a more sustainable Cornwall. They are:

  • A creative carbon-zero economy
  • Sustainable food, land, and seas
  • Thriving places with decent homes
  • Equality, education, and entrepreneurship
  • Safe, healthy, resilient communities
  • A digital revolution for sustainable living

Leadership Board member, police and crime commissioner for Devon and Cornwall, Alison Hernandez, said: “We’re very pleased to see the consideration of issues that are so high on the priorities of residents in Cornwall, like anti-social behaviour and road safety. This has the support of the Safer Cornwall Partnership.”

Leadership Board member, Lord Robin Teverson, from the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Nature Partnership, added: “Cornwall Council has really listened and taken into account the views of the Local Nature Partnership, and this is reflected in the plan. We’re really happy with the result.”

You can read the plan and give your feedback by visiting the Let’s Talk Cornwall website. This vision will influence and shape Cornwall Council’s and partners’ strategies for years to come. If you are interested in seeing what strategies currently exist, visit the council’s key documents page.