Ken Greenaway’s children on board the St Ives inshore lifeboat. Photographs: Niki Brooks

The family of Ken Greenaway, a much-loved husband, father and grandfather who passed away recently, have chosen to honour his memory with a donation to St Ives RNLI.

Ken Greenway was so passionate about the RNLI, and St Ives specifically. He had visited St Ives several times a year for more than 25 years, his family continuing the tradition by getting married in town and celebrating many meaningful family events here. The family explained that the St Ives Lifeboat and St Ives itself was very much in Ken’s heart.

The family came down to the lifeboat station from Warwickshire to meet the crew, with many of Ken’s grandchildrentouring the station and checking out the inshore lifeboat.

James Perkin, lifeboat operations manager for St Ives, said: “We are so grateful for the generous donation in Ken Greenaway’s name, and I hope that the family take comfort in the fact that this will ensure that outr crew can continue to respond every time that pager sounds.

“We will remember Ken and the family,, and are thankful that they chose St Ives Lifeboat in his memory.”

Donations, legacies and gifts help bring brave lifeboat crews home safely, and provide the training and protective gear they and the RNLI lifeguards need to save lives and always answer the call for help. They also ensure that that persons legacy lives on.

Greenaway family RNLI
The Greenaway family meet the St Ives RNLI crew