St Ives Sailing Club Redemption
The crew of Redemption — Steph Eddy, Rebecca Williams and Leanne Herbert

Light winds greeted St Ives Sailing Club members as they sailed into the bay on Wednesday evening.

Race officer Tom McMahon set a starboard B course with the aid of the safety boat crew Dave Peters along with Margaret and David Eddy. It was level pegging between John Palser (Laser), Hermione Stanley and Sam Eddy (RS 400), and Mike Cook (Laser Radial) for the first three laps, after which the RS 400 and the Laser pulled away into the lead. Unfortunately, not enough to beat the Laser Radial on handicap.

Results: 1, Mike Cook; 2, John Palser; 3, Hermione Stanley; 4, Leanne

On Saturday, sailors were asking: “Is this going to be another Saturday
blown out?” However, while deliberating and checking the wind speed several times, it was reported that gusts had dropped from 27 knots to 20, which meant the green light to go racing.

In race one, Tim Lukes, who was race officer for the day, with westerly winds force five to six, had an L course laid, with the beat heading back towards the harbour. Mike Cook (Laser Radial) had a good start and held the lead to the finish line.

Mark Paxton and Alan Peck (Stratos) had an eventful afternoon. On setting sail into the bay they had gear failure and had to return to the beach for repairs, which made them too late to start the race. But on returning to the bay they went to the aid of three damsels in distress (Stephanie Eddy, Leanne Herbert and Rebecca Williams), who had trouble righting their club Stratos in the strong winds after capsizing. Mark Paxton heroically dived from his Stratos into the cold Atlantic Ocean to assist in righting the ladies’ boat.

Results: 1, Mike Cook; 2, John Palser (Laser Radial); DNS, Mark Paxton;
DNF Stephanie Eddy.

In race two, Mark and Alan (Stratos), wishing to make up for being late for the previous race, had the bit between their teeth and had a good start, along with Mike (Laser Radial) and Stephanie (Stratos). John Palser, who did not check the lights, thought the start signal was the five-minute warning and belatedly followed the fleet across the start line.

From the pierhead it was reported that it appeared there were two races taking place. Leading sailors Mark and Mike were fighting for the lead, and to the rear Stephine and John had some close racing. Mark and Alan were rewarded for their earlier gallantry by crossing the finish line first. Mike won on handicap. A somewhat sporting afternoon was had by all.

Results: 1, Mike Cook; 2, Mark Paxton; 3, John Palser; 4, Stephanie Eddy.