On Wednesday afternoon strong winds were not looking good for sailing, but by 5.30pm the winds had eased to 16 to 20 knots, with gusts coming from the west.

Race officer Ben Colcough had a port B course laid, partially protected by the town and the Island.

At the beginning of the race Mike Cook and John Palser (Laser Radials) had a good start, with Mike pulling away into the lead, leaving John to fight it out with Jonathan Thomas (RS Vareo). Jonathan crossed the finish line before John, but lost out on handicap.

At the back of the fleet, Rob and Fab Lawrence, both sailing Picos, sailed well, with the gusts that constantly reminded sailors of their presence. However, with no capsizes to attend, safety boat crew Dave Peters and Dave Eddy had an easy time out on the water.

Result: 1, Mike Cook; 2, John Palser; 3, Jonathan Thomas; 4, Rob Lawrence; 5, Fab Lawrence.

Saturday was a different kettle of fish, with very light winds and a flat sea that made for very slow going. Andy Roberts and Sharon Humphreys were in the pierhead and had an L course set.

All started in good time with John Palser (Laser) leading the fleet. At the third mark of the course there was much confusion, with Barrie Dain and crew Tom McMahon (Stratos) approaching the mark from the wrong side. This caused problems with John Palser, which led to Leanne
Herbert and Mike Cook (Laser Radials) taking the lead from the others.

Leading sailor Leanne made contact with the fourth mark, which cost her much time, having to execute a penalty 360-degree turn. John Palser regained the lead and crossed the finish line first.

Result: 1, John Palser; 2, Mike Cook; 3, Leanne Herbert; 4, Barrie Dain;
5, Rob Lawrence and Alan Peck (RS 400).

In race two, John Palser once again took the lead and held on to it. Leanne, sailing a Laser Radial for the first time, sailed very well and had some close racing with Alan Peck (now helming the RS 400). Meanwhile, Barrie and Tom decided to go for a leisurely sail to see a ship anchored in the bay.

Results: 1, John Palser; 2, Mike Cook; 3, Leanne Herbert; 4, Alan Peck.

Summing up, it was a testing time for all the sailors in the light winds, but as the late Edward Jenkyn would have said: “Anybody can sail with wind — it takes something to sail without wind.”

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