St Ives Brewery is calling for community support to help brew its Belgian-style dubbel beer, Barnoon, which is infused with wild blackberries.

St Ives Barnoon

The brewery is focused on seasonality and using local ingredients wherever possible, so using blackberries that grow locally around St Ives Bay makes sense. But there’s a need for quite a lot of them!

If you are heading out for a family walk, or a coast path or countryside stroll, then collect 2kg blackberries and deliver them to the brewery on Marsh Lane industrial estate, Hayle. You’ll then be part of a community process, and you’ll get a case of Barnoon once it is canned. Our deadline for blackberry delivery is 18th September.

Head brewer Callum White first brewed Barnoon Belgian Dubbel last year and it became a firm favourite in the Hayle taproom, with trade customers and online. He had headed out onto the coast path with his partner, Amber, to collect 20kg of blackberries, enjoying an adventure around the maze of coast and countryside near to the. This year he will be looking to brew more, hence the rallying call for community involvement to get to the target of 50kg of blackberries.

Callum White
St Ives Brewery head brewer, Callum White, out foraging around St Ives Bay

The blackberries will accompany candy sugar, Magnum and Bramling Cross hops, and a variety of malts in th Dubbel recipe. The resulting 7% ABV brew has a fruity, spicy aroma, a dark appearance, and long-lasting dry berry flavour.

Find out more about St Ives Brewery here.

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