Revived by the town council two years ago, St Ives Kite Fest is returning. It will be held on The Island on Saturday, 30th March.

Kite Fest Nik Read
Photograph: Nik Read

The annual community event, led by the cultural services team, welcomes ‘Dr Kite’ Billy Wynter, and also local art teacher Laura Peach, who runs the weekly St Ives Library Art Club.

“I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like flying or watching kites dance in the sky!” said cultural services manager, Emma Gibson.

“The use of recycled and sustainable materials is key to our approach of kitemaking. We have our fingers crossed for fine flying weather, and will be holding our breath to see if we can get our kites up in the air!”

St Ives mayor, Johnnie Wells, said: “The Island has a long history of being a place where the community of St Ives gets together, from laying their washing to dry, to plays, and even the Radio 1 RoadShow made an appearance back in the day.

Kite Fest and Flight Day draws attention to this history of getting together for a common purpose, in a space that is free, open, and accessible to all.

“Every year Kite Fest draws a great crowd of enthusiastic kite flyers, and even if you aren’t flying a kite it is quite a spectacle seeing that many kites all flying at once. And, as they say, the only thing better than flying a kite, is flying a kite with other people…”