Summer’s here and, whether we like it or not, the visitors have descended. While Covid is at the front of most people’s minds, there seems to be another problem that has escalated in recent weeks: litter.

St Ives litter
Photograph: courtesy @abi_lye/Instagram

Our attention was drawn to this by social media follower @abi_lye who was angered by a trail of devavstation while out on a run.

She said: “Litter from my run this morning. Started picking up rubbish from Knill Monument back down to town. Filled three bags! Including two discarded bags of dog shit.

“The rubbish in and around St Ives has been getting increasingly worse over the past few weeks.”

“Shameful littering behaviour, very anti social, I can’t understand the mentality,” said one commenter on Instagram. “People have no care or consideration for our beautiful area,” added another.

Are you andered by increasing littering, too? Is there anything we can do, other than try to educate people? Let us known at