The Shanty Shout is returning to St Ives on 24th and 25th November, with around two dozen performers and groups entertaining around town.

Cape Cornwall Singers
Thirsty work: the Cape Cornwall Singers in The Queens during a previous Shanty Shout

The Shout is held over the course of two days and sees performances hourly in a number of venues around town. The programmes start from 7pm on Friday, and 2pm on Saturday.

In a new permanent partnership, the Shout will be raising money for the Edward Hain Centre.

The programme

Bier Huis Grand CaféCafé ArtGolden LionHarbour ViewPilchard PressThe QueensWestern Hotel
Friday, 24th November7pmSevern WhalersDrecklysKimber’s MenThe ShantilliesSimon the Shanty HarpistSpaven MorOld Gaffers
8pmBencoolen WreckersLoose BannonsCork an BarborStuns’lsMevagissey QuayNotesCousin JackACapella Moonshine
9pmOld GaffersTBCToby WebbBarnacle BuoysNew MinstrelsBryher’s BoysDrecklys
10pmSevern WhalersStuns’lsBencoolen WreckersKimber’s men
Saturday, 25th November2pmACapella MoonshineBarnacle BuoysRusty TubsFigurehead
3pmDrecklysKimber’s MenFalmouth ShoutSimon the Shanty HarpistThe ShantilliesOld GaffersSevern Whalers
4pmToby WebbMevagissey QuayNotesLemonairesSpaven MorRusty TubsStuns’lsLoose Cannons
5pmKimber’s MenCork an BarborFigureheadBencoolen WreckersBatten Down The HatchesBarnacle BuoysCousin Jack
6pmFalmouth ShoutSimon the Shanty HarpistDrecklysToby WebbSevern WhalersACapella MoonshineBryher’s Boys
7pmRusty TubsOld GaffersBarnacle BuoysLoose CannonsLemonairesCape Cornwall Singers
8pmMevagissey QuayNotesBryher’s BoysACapella MoonshineToby WebbKimber’s MenBencoolen Wreckers
9pmBatten Down The HatchesCousin JackCork an BarborCape Cornwall SingersStuns’ls
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