Residents have been reminded that they have until Monday (28th November) to respond to the ideas contained in St Ives Town Council’s first ever Strategic Plan.

St Ives TC Strategic

In a document, the council sets out its ideas in relation to its core values:

  • Having ambitions to make St Ives a happy, healthy, vibrant place where everyone can thrive;
  • Championing St Ives communities;
  • Celebrating history and culture;
  • Collaborating with other councils, the local community, voluntary groups and businesses to develop goals.

The Council has developed three key documents which set out how it will meet five priorities. The documents set out: a devolution strategy, proposing that a number of Cornwall Council property and land assets be transferred to the town council; a vision forlow-carbon transport; and a climate emergency action plan.

The five priorities are:

  • Delivering for the community
  • A greener, cleaner St Ives
  • A sustainable local economy
  • Investing in young people
  • Forging an ambitious, modern council

• The document can be downloaded and read here.