The Town Deal board, been formed to help St Ives get its share of the government’s £3.6 billion Towns Fund, has launched its website.

The site tells visitors what they need to know about the board and its ambitions, and who is steering the group.

There is an opportunity to express interest in joining sector-specific sub-groups, and to forward ideas on how money can be spent.

The board comprises Sarah Stevens (chair), Steve Cross (vice-chair), Poppy Naylor, Andrew Baragwanath, James Butterworth, Libby Buckley, Raven Williams, Neil Davis, Rowena Swallow, Cllr Andrew Mitchell, Cllrr Linda Taylor, Cllr Tony Harris, and Derek Thomas MP. Cornwall Council has employed a dedicated member of staff, Lucy Davis, to act as the Town Deal Lead for St Ives.

Visit the website at