A video entitled Welcome Back to St Ives has been produced, explaining how the town is adpating to the covid era and being made safe for visitors and locals alike.

A still from the Welcome Back video

Over some excellent drone photography of the town (by Danny’s Drone Addiction), locals explain the steps taken to make the town sale for all, emphasisng the importance of being able to welcome visitors this summer.

The video is presented by St Ives Business Improvement District (BID) manager Helen Tripconey, who explains how the summer safety plan came together, in partnership with the town and Cornwall councils.

The video includes comments from shopkeepers and business owners. Steve Dudley, of PELS cafĂ©, on the farbour front, says: “I can genuinely say that, in terms of the council and BID particularly, we’ve had a lot of support.

“I know that it hasn’t been an easy time for both of those parties, particularly BID, but hand on heart I can say they’ve worked conscientiously with us to helpus be successful, to help us look after our customers and our staff, and really to make it for the town. I think it’s been a very challenging situation for them, but it’s been great to have that support behind us.”

Helen Tripconey says: “During lockdown, St Ives experienced great community spirit, taking care of the vulnerable, looking out for each other, and pulling together like never before.

“We want to continue, going forward, to support businesses and residents alike so that they can make the town as safe as possible and a fantastic experience for visitors and the local community.”

The video was organised by BID and financed by the European Regional Development Fund, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, and Derek Thomas MP. It was produced by David Flack and Jackie Wetherill. Click here to watch.