On Sunday morning, worshippers at Sacred Heart and St Ia Catholic Church had a boost to their congregation. The presidential cavalcade pulled up outside, and Joe Biden and first lady Jill stepped out to enjoy the service.

Police on patrol in thr harbour at low tide. Photograph: St Ives Local

Just one moment in a packed three days in Carbis Bay and St Ives as the G7 came to town. What a weekend it was. World leaders meeting at a controversial hotel site. A huge police presence, not just locally but throughout west Cornwall. And plenty of hard-hitting, but good natured, climate protests.

And then there were the Red Arrows, putting on a magnificent display across west Cornwall, culminating in aerial acrobatics of the highest quality on Saturday evening, at the G7 members enjoyed a beach barbecue.

On Sunday evening, St Ives mayor, Kirsty Arthur, said on social media: “Anyone else feeling a bit sad now that it’s all being packed away? The streets of Carbis Bay have no police on them and it feels weird.”

The previous day, she spent time talking to the police, who have been widely praised for their work and friendliness. “The community spirit down in Carbis Bay is fantastic, and every officer spends time speaking to the children, which my two sons have loved! Thank you for all you are doing,” said Kirsty.

On social media, St Ives councillor and Cornwall Council leader, Linda Taylor, said: “I am so proud to be Cornish, so proud of our police, so proud of the Red Arrows. Exceptionally proud of everyone in the G7 area.

“We have shown the world stage how to get things done.There is something special about Cornwall and I hope that unique quality travels back with everyone returning home. Memories have been made and I shall never forget mine.”

As the world leaders worked their way through a packed agenda, Extinction Rebellion came to town to stage a series of colourful and thought-provoking protests and tableaux. In contrast with some stunts the group has carried out over the years, these were, on the whole, thoughtful and well executed. It was shame that there were some arrests, notably for a group staging a roadblock by the Tempest roundabout, and a fella who decided to glue himself to the road at the top of the Stennack.

Considering the apprehansion beforehand, though, the weekend seems to have gone well and put Cornwall, well, even more on the map. Visit Cornwall, the tourism body, will be pleased, and no doubt many of the town’s businesses will have benefited, at a time when extra custom is much appreciated.