Cornwall Council’s new food waste, recycling, and rubbish service has got under way in west Cornwall, with new collection days in some circumstances.

Council food waste

The council is introducing weekly food waste collections and switching to fortnightly rubbish collections across Cornwall, area by area.  

Residents in the third roll-out area of west Cornwall have received new food waste caddies and rubbish bins or protective sacks.

“Our new food waste, recycling, and rubbish service will help residents in west Cornwall increase their recycling and cut down on waste, as well as recycle their food waste for the first time,” said Carol Maclellan, Cornwall’s service director for regulatory services.

“All this helps to lower our carbon footprint, lessen our impact on the planet, and contribute to a sustainable Cornwall.  

She added: “You can also find lots of tips on starting to recycle your food waste at If you need advice and have a question for our waste team, just head to”