St Ives New Year 2020

St Ives has welcomed in the new year with its usual town-wide fancy dress party, culminating in a huge firework display.

The revels kicked off on earnest early evening, and continued into the small hours.

The range of costumes was wide and, in some cases, ingenious. Vikings rubbed shoulders with Transformers, and pirates with T Rex riders. There seemed to be an awful lot of Wallies — as in Where’s Wally — so no trouble finding him on this occasion.

St Ives New Year 2020St Ives New Year 2020St Ives New Year 2020

There wasn’t a parking place to be had as the town centre was shut off to traffic, apart from the endless stream of taxis.

Every pub and bar n was packed, with visitors spilling out onto the streets carrying plastic vessels of drink.

St Ives New Year 2020

There will be a major clean-up operation today. The downside to this annual shindig is the huge amount of litter left after the event.

But is there really any better place to be when the countdown starts for a new year and, in this case, a new decade?

St Ives New Year 2020