Progress is continuing with the St Ives Town Deal, which aims to unlock £25 million to be spent locally. There has been high engagement and interest already, with a survey due to be delivered to all local households in September.

Sarah Stevens
Board chairman Sarah Smith

St Ives is one of 100 towns nationally selected to win government funding to enhance and improve their areas. St Ives Town Deal board has a very short period to develop a vision and Town Investment Plan to potentially access the £25m for what are called ‘interventions’. The object is to deliver economic productivity through urban regeneration, planning, and land use, skills and enterprise infrastructure, and connectivity.

Chair of the board, Sarah Stevens, said: “We are delighted with the immediate reaction just within a few days. There is clearly an interest in seeing St Ives prosper and grow for the future, and we are seeing ideas big and small being submitted.

“We are also engaging key partners and groups from across the town in discussions, and we are confident of a strong submission for the funding in October.”

A new website has been launched full of information for local residents — click