Art and exhibitions

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13th-21st July: Wild Cornwall at Zennor Village Hall. An exhibition during which Cornwall Art Workshops will run sessions focusing on the beautiful, ancient, and mythical landscape surrounding the venue. Find out more.

28th July: Expressive Landscape in Acrylics, workshop with Barnoon Arts, 1.30m-4.30pm. Book here.

10th August: Cornish Artists Market at the Salvation Army, Wharf Road, St Ives. Celebrating Cornish art.

12th-14th August: Leach Pottery Throwing Course at Bernard’s Studio. Full details here.

16th August: Throwing Taster Session at Leach Pottery, 10am and 1.30pm. Full details here.

23rd August: Throwing Taster Session at Leach Pottery, 10am and 1.30pm. Full details here.

30th August: Throwing Taster Session at Leach Pottery, 10am and 1.30pm. Full details here.

2nd-4th September: Leach Pottery Throwing Course at at Bernard’s Studio. Full details here.

22nd October: Abstract drawing with Peter Giles at The Crypt Gallery, 2pm-4.30pm. £35. Book here.

5th-8th November: The Artist Retreat, a painting holiday with Barnoon Arts at Una, Carbis Bay. An immersive three-day sketching and painting holiday with three nights accommodation in a luxury lodge at Una St Ives Resort. Full details here.

30th November-1st December: Leach Pottery Handles course at Newlyn School of Art. Full details here.


Anima Mundi

Until 13th July
Arthur Lanyon: Snail’s Pace
A three-floor solo exhibition of multi-scale expressive painting combining intuitive motifs with an emotive, gestural, abstracted language.

Judith Nangala Crispin: Ascending Beings
A technique of lumachrome glass printing which has the ability to make dead animals and birds seem alive again. It is light alone that manifests the colours and shapes, not paint or anything that can be completely controlled.

Anima Mundi | Street-an-Pol, St Ives TR26 2DS |

Belgrave St Ives

Eric Ward Barbara Hepworth
The Barbara Hepworth Garden in September 2023, by Eric Ward

14th July-15th August
Eric Ward: A Year in the Barbara Hepworth Garden
Popular local St Ives artist, Eric Ward, a well-known painter, as well as former policeman, fisherman, lifeboatman, and harbour master, has produced a series of 12 paintings of the Barbara Hepworth Gardens in St Ives. The artist has visited the gardens once for each month of the year and painted the works en plein air, in situ.

14th September-5th October
Terry Frost: Works from a Private Collection
An exhibition of paintings, collages, and prints (1940s to 2000s), mostly from a single-owner collection.

You can view exhibitions on the gallery website, or in person by appointment (call 01736 794888 or email

Belgrave St Ives | Higher Bussow Farm, Towednack TR26 3BB |

Leach Pottery

Full list of forthcoming classes and workshops here.

Until 8th September
John Bedding: 60 Years On
Featuring new pieces from John’s Copper Glazed Pot series. These sculptural pieces are raku fired, then finished with patination chemicals to give spontaneous colours and unique surface finishes. John has created new works in his Illustrated Pot series: striking vase and bottle forms in high-fired earthenware paired with intricate surface decoration and richly built-up colour, resulting in pots with many layers of interest.

There are a number of workshops available, for all ages and abilities. Find out more here.

Leach Pottery | Higher Stennack, St Ives TR26 2HE |

New Craftsman Gallery

Until 26th July
Sarah Woods and Maric Kristofersson
Paintings by talented young artist Sarah Woods, inspired by the Cornish coast, have gone on display. Alongside Sarah’s art are ceramics from Maria Kristofersson, who lives and works in Gothenburg.
Read preview

10th August-6th September
Emily Powell and Matthew Chambers
A vibrant exhibition by Emily Powell, inspired by an imaginary world of intensely coloured floral landscapes. Matthew’s extraordinary ceramics are born from his love of geometric and constructivist art, architecture, and design.
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New Craftsman Gallery | Fore Street, St Ives TR26 1HE |

Penwith Gallery

Until 12th July
Heseltine at the Hepworth: The Truro School collection
The collection continues to be a brilliant educational resource for students at the school, as well as a source of intrigue and inspiration for artists and art enthusiasts across the Cornish and wider community. David Heseltine, former head of art, had the insight to begin the collection in the 1980s with the aim of building a resource for all students to learn from ‘real art’.

Until 20th July
Imogen Rourke: Chaos and Calm
Imogen describes the exhibition as “a response to and a respite from my life”. The mother of three boys says: “My practice is respite from the chaos, but more than being a cathartic exercise, the paintings themselves are a direct expression of the all-encompassing demands upon me and the constant fluctuation between chaos and calm that is my life.”
Richard Holliday, Shelley Thornton, and Graham Black: Three Ways West
Three distinctive artists — a sculptor, a painter, and a printmaker — explore their diverse approaches to media and abstraction, rooted in the rugged yet beautiful land and seascapes of their adopted home in west Cornwall. The differences between the three are evident in their use of media and working processes, but similarities surface as each responds to the geography and geology that surround them.

Penwith members exhibition

Until 24th August
Members’ Summer Exhibition
A diverse exhibition of sculptures, ceramics, paintings, drawings, and prints from the Members of The Penwith Society of Arts, St Ives.

Penwith Gallery | Back Road West, St Ives TR26 1NL |

Portminster Gallery

Until 31st August
Sea Breezes

Last Green Andrew Bird
Detail from The Last Green, by Andrew Bird

Contemporary paintings and ceramics by leading artists, inspired by the Cornish coast. Including work by Andrew Bird, Martyn Perryman, Jenny Hirst, Craig Underhill, and Paul Wearing.

Porthminster Gallery | 22 Fore Street, St Ives TR26 1HE |

St Ives Arts Club

6th-12th July
Mike O’Sullivan

13th-26th July
Christine Brunnock and Chris O’Reilly

27th July-2nd August
Julie Doyle

3rd-9th August
Caroline Barroclough

10th-16th August
Caroline Marwood

17th-23rd August
Sam Reese

24th-30th August
Alan Holmes

St Ives Arts Club | Westcott’s Quay, St Ives TR26 2DY |

St Ives School of Painting

Full list of forthcoming classes and workshops here.

St Ives School of Painting | Back Street West, St Ives TR26 1NG |

St Ives Society of Artists

20th April-10th May
Francesca Owen (Crypt Gallery)

11th-17th May
Heather McAlpine (Crypt Gallery)

18th-31st May
Bath Society of Artists (Crypt Gallery)

1st-7th June
Tanya Krzywinska and Friends (Crypt Gallery)

8th-14th June
David Gainsford (Crypt Gallery)

15th-21st June
Emily Woodard (Crypt Gallery)

22nd June-5th July
Hani Mroz and Friends (Crypt Gallery)

St Ives Society of Artists | Mariners Gallery, Norway Square, St Ives TR26 1NA |

Tate St Ives
Until 6th May

Outi Pieski
Paintings and installations exploring several themes, including the culture and identity of the Sámi people, who live in a region including the northern part of Scandinavia and Kola peninsula in Russia.

25th May-5th January, 2025
Mark Rothko: The Seagram Murals
Five of Rothko’s Seagram murals being shown at Tate St Ives for the first time. In 1958, the American artist accepted a commission to produce a series of large paintings for the Four Seasons restaurant in the Seagram Building, New York. Later, he decided that the restaurant would not be an appropriate location for his work. He donated nine of the murals to Tate in 1969.

Tate St Ives | Porthmeor Beach, St Ives TR26 1TG |



Barnoon Arts Open Drawing Class, at St Ives Arts Club, 10am-noon. £12pp.

Monday Art Group at St Ives Arts Club, 1.30pm-4.30m. Check with the club for spaces as the group gets very busy.


Barnoon Arts Watercolour St Ives, outdoor watercolour sessions, 10.30am-12.30pm. £20pp.


Barnoon Arts Draw St Ives, outdoor sketching around St Ives, 10.30am-noon.


Barnoon Arts, Mixed Media Sketchbook, outdoor art session, 10.30am-12.30pm.

Friday Arts Club at St Ives Arts Club, 1pm-3.30pm. £1.50 per session — members only.


Barnoon Arts Draw St Ives, outdoor sketching around St Ives, 10.30am-noon.